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Many people resort to mainstream media for their only source of information. What they may not be aware of is that the information presented often times is the information they want you to hear. There are many valuable sources of information out there that do not reach the general public if they do not know where to look for it. Much of which gets censored. The question is, why is information shared by doctors and scientists who are not affiliated with large organizations such as the CDC  (Center for Disease Control) and the WHO (World Health Organization) being censored? Why is information presented by individuals who have worked for such organizations and are speaking out, being censored?

We have dedicated this page on our site to include some information we have found very informative, from whether or not wearing a mask is safe and effective, whether practicing social distancing and a lockdown is in fact effective, are COVID-19 tests useful, to whether or not a vaccine will be safe and effective, and that it should always remain one's individual choice to make. In addition, to consider how our constitutional rights are being violated by the decisions being made by our state leaders.  Our intention is to provide information that tis being censored and/or withheld from us, and/or being labeled as "fake" or "false" information. As with any other issue, one must be presented with both sides of an argument or topic in order to make their own informed decision.  At what point does one begin to question the truth and a possible agenda that is not in our best interest? For these reasons, we hope that you keep an open mind to all information, because when your health, life, and freedom is at stake, wouldn't you want to be in control of  making your own choices and decisions? Please be advised that many videos are constantly being removed from certain sites. Feel free to check back frequently for updated information and join our e-list (become a member of our community). Please check out our "What They Don't Want You To Know" page as well as the others. Again, we encourage everyone to do their own in depth, non-biased research. Stay well and trust in yourself!

Congressman and other politicians call Fauci out on hypocrisies. See how Fauci addresses the issue of banning protesting if, as he claims, there is higher risk of spreading COVID in large crowds.

Content shared is rapidly being censored from YouTube. What are "they" afraid of us finding out?

Subscribe to The High Wire with Del Bigtree for very informational sources. Weekly episodes present interviews with doctors, scientists, medical researchers, and more. Click on image to be directed and subscribe.

See firsthand how CO2 levels dramatically increase only after seconds of wearing a face mask. How is this safe? How can officials mandate something that can cause such harm?

Dr. Thomas Cowan explains the process of obtaining a purified sample (isolating a virus) and how this was not conducted in the case with COVID-19. This changes the entire narrative of labeling this a virus.

Dr. Rashid Buttar tells it like it is.  Raises very interesting and shocking facts.

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CRITICALLY THINKING with Dr T & Dr P.  In this podcast, “Critically Thinking” Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Dr. Larry Palevsky challenge the status quo with raw and intelligent discussions designed to restore your curiosity and satisfy your thirst for truth. You will discover answers and possibilities you didn’t know existed.

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Click on image for link to renowned doctor Larry Palevsky's very informative interview.

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Renowned doctors, Larry Palevsky and Sherry Tenpenny discuss COVID-19 and related issues. Part one of a series that asks the question, "How do you know what you know?" and why it is important to critically think. Subscribe to weekly podcast by clicking on their "Critically Thinking" thumbnail above on this page.

Trauma nurse reveals disturbing details about what really transpired at Elmhurst Hospital in NYC, the hospital referred to as a "War zone" during the height of the pandemic.

Subscribe to Dr. Buttar's YouTube channel by clicking above image.  Dr. Buttar does not hesitate to explain it as he sees it Often times his information does get censored as does many doctor's who speak out on the truth.


Surgeon General Jerome Adams, the Trump Administration, and the Coronavirus Taskforce dump Bill Gates' and the WHO's  Predictive Contagion Model and use real data

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