The EDUCATION system 

We have been conditioned to believe that children must attend a structured educational facility in order to learn specific material by a specific time with specific expectations. We have been conditioned to believe that a child's intelligence and success is based on a test score, which diminishes their self-worth and motivation.  The education system strips our children from their innate learning ability, the desire to willingly learn from their interests, through exploration, questioning, critically thinking, problem solving, and creativity, in other words, organic or natural learning. After all, a child learns best when they are interested.  Natural learning supports an individual child's instinctual desire to learn and explore and tackle everyday life situations, at their own time and own pace.  Each child is unique, and the current education system does not allow for their differences and abilities to be utilized or explored. The following books discuss these issues in detail, and offer alternatives to "educating" your child, with the goal to raise a happy, confident, intelligent, healthy child. Again, with any resource we recommend, there isn't always a one-size fits all solution. Constant research and making your own informed choice is what we advocate for, especially when it comes to our most innocent... our children.