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For more information on how to get involved in taking a stand in protecting you natural born, and constitutional rights, click on links below. Please note: we do not advocate for any specific groups or organizations.  Again, we encourage everyone to do their own research with everything and make your own informed choices.  

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We strive to protect what we refer to as "The 5 Pillars", to protect our constitutional liberties, and encourage taking a stand, in unity, 


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New Yorkers gather in Foley Square Manhattan on September 13, 2021 to take a stand against unconstitutional and unlawful vaccine mandates. Lawyers, teachers, doctors, activists, politicians, and others sending the message to unite to take a stand in protecting bodily autonomy and parental rights. No matter what your stance on vaccines or face masks, we must all stand together to protect our human rights. We all deserve that. Click above to watch. Stay tuned: more rallies to come!

NY de jure Assembly is the fourth arm of the government with the authority to monitor NY's public servants to ensure that they act on behalf if the People, remain compliant to the Constitution, and their oaths.
For Residents out of NY State, email to inquire how to get involved in your state's assembly.


Southern Loud Majority Is More Than A Lifestyle, More Than A Brand, More Than An Outfitter, It Is A Collective Of Thirteen Southern States And Others Working Together With A Mission To Change The Course Of This Nation, One Individual At A Time. The South Will Rise Again.