Our Mission

Regardless of one’s culture, skin color, religious beliefs, or political party affiliation, we are still one people who share the same desire: to be respected as an individual and be allowed to exercise our natural born rights as our Constitution has been created to protect. America was founded on these principles. The land of the free, however, with all that has been transpiring in our country, we are continuing to lose these rights one by one. And with the notion to divide and conquer our people, unless we unite and take a stand, our freedoms as we know them will no longer be. Therefore, it is time to put our indifferences aside and focus on what really matters.  We must always protect and protect what is rightfully ours.


America: Land of The Free, Home of The Brave


Dear Fellow Friends, Neighbors, and to The Entire Human Race,

What is happening to our society is devastating. Our friends, our family, our neighbors are not the enemy here.

I ask that everyone just to please take a moment to critically think about all that has and continues to transpire, and begin to ask questions. Ask questions and seek the answers for yourself. You may be amazed by all you can learn and discover, but knowledge is very empowering.

I wish for no one to continue to live in fear, for living in fear is not living. Life is too short. Stay strong. Have faith. Together, we can do this. United we must stand, because divided, we shall fall.

~Danielle Gail

Time For An Awakening

~By: Danielle Gail (Dani Gee) 6.12.20

Can you feel the tension amongst us?
We no longer look at each other the same. 
The goal to divide and conquer,
It’s all part of their game. 
Shifting the focus from their corruption,
While they manipulate our mind,
And continue to create destruction,
To destroy all of humankind.    

But, we allow them to succeed,
As they bring us to our knees,
And we follow along blindly,
Because we truly want to believe, 
That all the actions being taken
Are for the “greater good “
But my friend, you need to wake up...
This is all misunderstood. 

The more we turn a blind eye and believe in all the lies,
The control becomes much greater,
As we continue to comply. 

When did we become so weak?
Vulnerable and afraid?
Those who died for our freedom
Must be turning in their grave
To see what has become
Of the land of the free and the brave,
Which has now become a prison
Of the controlled and the afraid.  

We can point a finger at others
And redirect the blame
But truth is, it’s our own fault
And it’s really quite a shame,
That we are allowing this to happen,
And so, things will never be the same. 

Is this the world you want to live in?
One of darkness and despair?
A world with so much hate,
No more love, no more care?

It’s time to think much deeper
And begin to understand,
That life as we know it is over,
Unless we ALL unite and take a stand. 

Our enemies are not our neighbors, or strangers, or our friends,
But that’s what they are making us believe,
And if this continues, 
This world will end. 

FEAR is the greatest weapon
And they’ve unleashed it on us hard. 
But it’s time to wake up to the reality...
This has gone WAY too far. 

My prayers are that everyone will rise up, 
and see what is really at stake. 
Stop listening to the programmed lies and educate yourselves...
It’s the best action right now you can take. 

Have faith in yourselves to trust your gut 
And decipher the truth from lies, 
Because if we can’t and we just follow along,
We’ve paved the path to our own demise. 




Danielle Gail is an Educator, Health and Freedom Advocate, Fitness Trainer, & Writer